Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Love of Animals and Friendship

 In Charlotte's Web all the animals really experience the complex relationship called friendship. This certain bond resonated throughout the whole book, and with the characters.

 Charlotte and Wilbur go through getting familiarized with each other. The relationship that they shared was at first a little strained (pg.   ), but as Wilbur grew spiritually for a pig, so did Charlotte. They soon developed a very strong, loyal, and trustworthy bond. Their relationship blossomed from the beginning when they first met to when all they could do was talk to each other.
  This relationship really reminded me of my best friend (S.L) , we are always talking to each other, we ate lunch together, and we always hung out after school. Still to this day do we text each other and occasionally get a bite to eat together. She is really caring,and the only person I can talk to that won't be skeptical. 

  There is also a relationship between Wilbur and Templeton. It is a win/win situation. Wilbur saves Templeton little scraps of food and Templeton goes to get the words for Charlotte's web.  Templeton is like that person you don't see to much, also he is like when you need him he isn't there but when you don't he is right there for you. Kind of a helper, and a pest. A perfect balance for a rat. ( LoL!!)

  The rest of the barn animals remind me of people in modern society they all know each other, this reminds me of the cliques that occur in high school. Wilbur is like the new child in a new town, and Charlotte is the old child that becomes Wilbur's friend./

   In conclusion I really understand why re-reading , understanding themes, writing responses, and sharing. The author really understands/ captured the essence of friendship, love.