Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Respond 2 Responses

I was reading Kamilah's blog and I really noticed how she payed attention to detail, plus she breaches into topics others don't want to talk about mostly. I think that in her blog posts she really captures the essence of what the assignment was and describes it with many sensory language tools. I think that is why her blog is so interesting to read.

i liked Melody's blog because the way her titles are straight to the point + I think her writing has a sense of humor 2 it which makes me laugh. The background of her blog shows kind of her personality. Like how she is quite expressive, and fun to be with as a friend. Her writing reflects how she pays attention to detatil.

Finaly I like my blog because it is all bieberized plus it adds some flare to it to show my favorite things. My writing is expressive with big words with some side captions which add some humor to it.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fire: Sonnet

The bright flourescent glare of the fire
Is burning down the redwood and cedar
Crackle, crackle never stopping to retire 
The orange, and red is your feeder 

Snap, cracking, burning fury, fiery
Screaming life has ended here in this place
No sadness, revenge of the diary
Never to vanish or to be chase

The rain pouring down to slow you to a stop
Agitated you revive back to life
Trees dead, you all slew, now its time to chop 
your anger is sharp, a sting like a knife

Smack, swoosh, fire gone, vamoosh but not totally dead 
Your wrath is not unkindled but merely widespread.