Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2nd Reading Response "Red Scarf Girl'

I finished my first coming of age book and now i am reading another.

"Red Scarf Girl"

In this book the main character Jiang-Ji-li is a young girl who experiences the hardships of a cultural revolution. It starts out with her as an innocent young child who is a smart educable girl then classmates hear and tell things about her families status. In their world being a landlords relative is a curse. She is subjected to bullying but also shame. She is forced to grow up as a child who is being discriminated against because of her grandfather.

In this book Jiang-Ji-li goes to a school during the CRC (cultural revolution of China). As a girl she goes to school to get an education. Her life turns around as in class she slowly gets bullied by the Red Guards . They bully her and talk bad things sbout her family, the students become instigators and mean when they are assinged to write a dao-zoa-bo. They write one about her and thats when events turn around.

She as a character journeys into knowledge from ignorance when she learns about her families past. Dhe goes through conflicts with children at school. She experiances so much hate and anger from others that she caves, and is about to change her name when she realizes that clearing her " black family name" wont do anything besides tear her family apart, and bring her family shame in their daughter.

In conclusion this book reflects coming of age because it shows a young person develop into a teen with a myriad of different things that may effect the character over time.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Secret Diary of Adrian Mole by : Sue Townsend

    " The things which the child loves remain in the domain of the heart until old age. The most beautiful thing in life is that our souls remaining over the places where we once enjoyed ourselves”

     As I read a coming book really explains grow up over a period of years. It takes account of one characters age progression. The author uses the character to relate to the reader. I think that in " Secret Diary of Adrian Mole". Adrian is a symbol that represents todays society of men in an allegorical sense.
    In the book Adrian says " I measured my thing, it grew 1 cm." This quote shows how in puberty when males grow up the experience many physical changes, but also one point in their life he grew up, he developed acne, which everyone gets at one point in their life. But the way the author uses Adrian to relate to male readers or teenagers in a general sense. It shows how he is slowly journeying from a small young boy into an older more mature male. The way he matures is by dealing with dissapointment from his parents seperation, but also from " love" with Pandora. He becomes sexually attracted to her.

   Another quote that the author says " I was racked with sexuality but it wore off when I helped my father put manure on the rose bed." this quote shows that the author is trying to tell the reader something imporant about how Adrian is a typical male whose sexual attraction is to females. It also is a huge clue to what may have spiked his interest in sexuality. It allows the reader to think more about the book and what might have happened earlier on. What could have caused his endocrine system to produce sexual hormones in his brain. It allows everyone to understand the book in any way they want to.
   Finally he said " I am in love with Pandora, I can't sleep a wink without thinking about." This really shows how in schools today and outside schools how kids interact with each other. They maybe become " BFF's" or maybe may end up going out with each other but it shows how he isn't much different from guys today. He uses his perception of how Pandora has a " bustling figure and she might have to wear a bra soon" who does that? There are things that are different between the two time periods that are being compared. 
In this quote I think that he journeys from being kind of close-minded, wierd, aloof from others. He sees himself as an "intellectual" and he may not really even know what that means. A journey from ignorance to knowledge. 

 In conclusion it shows how reading a coming of age book can really help the reader relaqte to the book and others.  

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Writing Prompt #2

There are many questions adolescents have today about themselves that are really never-ending. We ask ourselves are we what we think. Do we know what we will grow up to be. how do you know when you have fully grown up becauase know when ever tells you to grow up. It comes from experience and living life and learning lessons.

Some questions:
- do you know what you what you want to be when your in college ?
- do your skills define you ?
-How do you know when your fully matured ?

When answering these questions I hope i really get the full extent of my life as a matured women

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Writing Prompt # 14

Usually many teens are concerned with what they are expected to do as they grow older. And I see that as I mature and grow many questions seem to flood my mind about what to do, how to do things adults do. But when are you really counted as an adult. Many people have their own perceptions of what an adult is but it really matters what you think.

Some questions I had about being an adult was :
- Does it matter the career you chose to pursue ?
-Do peoples childhood memories or nightmares affect ho they turn out later on ?
-Does raising kids cause alot of stress ?
-How long can you live, can you surpass the life expectancy ?
-Does love come naturally to everyone ?
-If you don't get married does that mean no one loves you ?
-Finally, do kids grow up to be like parents or like their siblings ?

In conclusion my questions focus on does life as an older person slowly change you or do you always stay the same but mentally or spiritually different. Never changing physically.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Everyone looks at me like I'm ugly
I may be different and I know
But I'm not afraid to show it
Not afraid to stand out

Everyday people talk about me
I feel like I have done something wrong
I am tortured at school
And I hate the fact that I'm gay

People say to me
Appreciate your life
I feel like I could die
I want to run away

My emotional change hurts
My head is confused, and I can't see
People corner me and beat me
I'm afraid for my life

Help! Help! as I cry out
No one helps me
I run and run
But I can't hide
The torment is around me wherever I go

Addition to my poem
After "The torment is around me wherever I go" i add
A shallow pool of life
No one really gives a thought to me
Sprawled on the floor with a scared look in my eyes
I get up and run away from the
Pain, Hate, Sadness, and Dissapoinment
My dad looks at me like I'm some germ
Says things to me I've never thought would happen
I cry but he doesnt comfort me


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chicken Soup For teens

I really think this book is kinda perfect and amazing because it is so straight forward with all the problems that we as adolescents go through. And it really y focuses on all the real focus points we pay attention to. I kind of relate to it because now we are all going through our phases and I am also. In the book it shows real life people going through real life situations. It is kind of easy to read and easy to relate to. REALLY RELATABLE. It is really amam-zing book to read.  i think that everyone that read it would have/ will enjoy it because we are all going through the same period as the stories so we can kind of use that and our insight to help solve out teen problems.

Also it is really funny, the author is a great one to know about all the stuff we do without sounding like some old tired person who is reminiscing on the best times of her life. So I think that other people should read this book because they will feel the same way. The author probably used her memories plus stories from others who were once tweens to .

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Respond 2 Responses

I was reading Kamilah's blog and I really noticed how she payed attention to detail, plus she breaches into topics others don't want to talk about mostly. I think that in her blog posts she really captures the essence of what the assignment was and describes it with many sensory language tools. I think that is why her blog is so interesting to read.

i liked Melody's blog because the way her titles are straight to the point + I think her writing has a sense of humor 2 it which makes me laugh. The background of her blog shows kind of her personality. Like how she is quite expressive, and fun to be with as a friend. Her writing reflects how she pays attention to detatil.

Finaly I like my blog because it is all bieberized plus it adds some flare to it to show my favorite things. My writing is expressive with big words with some side captions which add some humor to it.