Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chicken Soup For teens

I really think this book is kinda perfect and amazing because it is so straight forward with all the problems that we as adolescents go through. And it really y focuses on all the real focus points we pay attention to. I kind of relate to it because now we are all going through our phases and I am also. In the book it shows real life people going through real life situations. It is kind of easy to read and easy to relate to. REALLY RELATABLE. It is really amam-zing book to read.  i think that everyone that read it would have/ will enjoy it because we are all going through the same period as the stories so we can kind of use that and our insight to help solve out teen problems.

Also it is really funny, the author is a great one to know about all the stuff we do without sounding like some old tired person who is reminiscing on the best times of her life. So I think that other people should read this book because they will feel the same way. The author probably used her memories plus stories from others who were once tweens to .

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