Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2nd Reading Response "Red Scarf Girl'

I finished my first coming of age book and now i am reading another.

"Red Scarf Girl"

In this book the main character Jiang-Ji-li is a young girl who experiences the hardships of a cultural revolution. It starts out with her as an innocent young child who is a smart educable girl then classmates hear and tell things about her families status. In their world being a landlords relative is a curse. She is subjected to bullying but also shame. She is forced to grow up as a child who is being discriminated against because of her grandfather.

In this book Jiang-Ji-li goes to a school during the CRC (cultural revolution of China). As a girl she goes to school to get an education. Her life turns around as in class she slowly gets bullied by the Red Guards . They bully her and talk bad things sbout her family, the students become instigators and mean when they are assinged to write a dao-zoa-bo. They write one about her and thats when events turn around.

She as a character journeys into knowledge from ignorance when she learns about her families past. Dhe goes through conflicts with children at school. She experiances so much hate and anger from others that she caves, and is about to change her name when she realizes that clearing her " black family name" wont do anything besides tear her family apart, and bring her family shame in their daughter.

In conclusion this book reflects coming of age because it shows a young person develop into a teen with a myriad of different things that may effect the character over time.

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