Sunday, May 15, 2011

Writing Prompt # 14

Usually many teens are concerned with what they are expected to do as they grow older. And I see that as I mature and grow many questions seem to flood my mind about what to do, how to do things adults do. But when are you really counted as an adult. Many people have their own perceptions of what an adult is but it really matters what you think.

Some questions I had about being an adult was :
- Does it matter the career you chose to pursue ?
-Do peoples childhood memories or nightmares affect ho they turn out later on ?
-Does raising kids cause alot of stress ?
-How long can you live, can you surpass the life expectancy ?
-Does love come naturally to everyone ?
-If you don't get married does that mean no one loves you ?
-Finally, do kids grow up to be like parents or like their siblings ?

In conclusion my questions focus on does life as an older person slowly change you or do you always stay the same but mentally or spiritually different. Never changing physically.

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