Sunday, January 9, 2011

Francisco De Goya

            This painting is by Francisco De Goya. The first time I saw this painting I was curious about what the inspiration was. But now that I look into it, I can see how he pictured life.

In this painting you see many people gathered together, but also I see a man talking to a woman. They seem to be in a deep conversation because the are more detailed and separate from the crowd of people.  Also many people are crowded in front of the church which to me means that something important must be going on inside or in front of the church. There is also a group of women in the bottom left corner sitting down on the ground with their fans, also deep in talk. They are all dressed fancily and classy. The style of clothing looks kind of the late Victorian era, where every woman wore dresses everywhere. Also the men are dressed in the best with the suits with the long backs.

My conclusion of this painting is that everyone is flocking towards the church. A mass of people going to the San Isidro. Pilgrimage to the Church of San Isidro 1788 was the paintings name. Many people are coming together to either see something or do something. See he blue pure sky and buildings behind the people.

I think he was trying to show us an important event or issue in the area of the world in 1788. Literature means a way of expressing what he was trying to say, or show to us. A work of art is a painting or any way of expressing what the artist feels.

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