Monday, November 22, 2010

Research #2

  When I researched the trafficking of Haitian children. I dug deeper and looked up the article on . I realized that many of the smugglers were able to get past border patrol because they pay off the guards. Many people in Dominican Republic are saying that they have doubled there efforts but actually I think that they have not done anything.

 The reason why I say this is because I think the government is in a tough time and without this industry they cannot make any money.  They know their government will dry up without it. Statistics show that there has only been two convictions since 2006. In the last 4 years there should of been more.

 As a young child in the US, I realize that could be any one of us and if we don't stand up for those who can't then we may as well be part of the trafficking. It is like watching someone get beat up and you don't help the police find the criminals.

 In this video I chose to show some images of the Haitian children. At the end there are two websites that you can go to and donate to help them.

Here are some of the images if the video doesn't play.

Go to fullsize image                          , and many more that show this message.

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