Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Giver in Retrospect (entry 6)

  There was a very important note that I made in the book The Giver. The note was when Asher, Fiona, and some younger children were playing at the recreational center. They were playing a game of war, and while they played Jonas remembered the memory that the giver had given him. Jonas then realized how he couldn't show his friends the memory because it was forbidden.
  Jonas really felt lonely because he really couldn't share the pain he had felt when the Giver had showed him that memory. He realizes the real cost of why the Giver doesn't have alot of friends and he really keeps to himself mostly during the book until Jonas comes along. The theory on why the author makes the giver and Jonas feel isolated so they could really recognize that being selected was a gift but also a curse. Jonas can help the giver, he could develop wisdom, strength, and seeing beyond what everyone else already saw.

   In the Giver Jonas really reminds me of an orphan whose friends and family have deserted him and he is left for broke, they have to keep themselves alive and be able to survive with being parent less. but then someone who is also an orphan comes along and you two become friends.  It is just like in The Thief  Lord when Bo and Prosper are runaways and they left their aunt and uncle to got to Venice. There they meet Scipio, Hornet, Mosca, and Ricco.  And now they live together in a old movie theater.

This video has been inserted because this bear is having to fend for him/herself because they are all alonw ith no one to take care of them.

 In retrospect the Giver has relationships with many books that relate with poening up, going into the  world and really experiancing it firsthand. Also the Giver had a bigger symbolism to it. It represented going through your life and making changes as you go along.


  1. I think you make a good point about Jonas being lonely because he can't share his pain with his friends. What are other instances that Jonas feels lonely? How does this connect to loneliness in the real world? I think you could have elaborated more about this theme. Also - I don't get the video's connection. But the connection to The Thief Lord is interesting though I also think that could have been elaborated upon.

  2. wow this really shows the inner Jonas in you you get really defensive (almost like the mom Jonas should have but doesn't.) and you have that video to show it! :) great work.