Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lois Lowry and The Giver Influence (entry 7)

 In doing more reasearch and getting indept with looking into the backround information. For me I was really curious about the author's purpose for writing The Giver . It made me want to know more about the author. Maybe how her life reflects her writing style also how/ or who inspired them to take up/ become a writer.
  Also reading apperciation texts really shows that the author can improve in the writing that they do, also that getting constructive criticsm really does help you understand the views of others. Helping each other to improve.

Photo @ Kate Philbrick                 Lois Lowry 1937- (73)

 Lois Lowry was an American author of classic children's novels, she began her career as a photographer but as she grew older she became a freelance journalist and began to start her writing career. At the age of 40 was when she published her first book. She worked in journalism until the late 1970's and then began her journey through the writing world.

  Her first work was in 1977 which was mostly about family and loving each other without envy. As an author Lois chose to write about really hard topics, she explored controversial issues and wasn't sucked into conformity as some others chose to do. She used her common knowledge and furthered herself by doing research and looking deeper into things others were scared to look closely into.

 Her writing works have both been praised and deemed as a disgrace because of how she was truthful with the world about all the issues going around in the world. She was kind of an activist who used her books to portray a special message of truth and how everyone should know and be up to date with the current events.

  Many people have criticised Lois Lowry for being to truthful even though everyone has the right to know about events worldwide or globally. She wasn't afraid to stand out and be herself. Her writing was a reflection of that brazen courage.
 Lois Lowry is still alive today and is age 73.

The Giver:
For example the giver talks of a cult that is based in trust but really has alot of liars in it,  the book hints at political and sociable terms that have to deal with trust in another person hoping that the person will keep that secret safe. Like depending on a delayed train, it is uncertain on whether you know what to trust.

 In conclusion Lois Lowry has overcome the old criticisms and still today must be bol;d and courageous even though she may not still be writing.

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