Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Media Immersion

In the world today there are many issues, but the main issue in Africa and Asia are poverty. Many people live in slums littered with trash, bugs flying around everywhere. The people that live in it though may be infected.  This is how the poor people's lives are. Many women and children are destitute and have no place to eat, sleep, and do other things that they used to do.

 The poverty in East Africa is outrageous because it is covered in filth also many bugs that could carry diseases or worse . When i see these pictures it makes me hurt inside and that to makes me want to advocate for food. The UN has been trying to send food, hold large charity events and more. Many organizations such as Amnesty International sings about children being dropped off, having to fend for themselves.

While many people spend billions on unnecessary objects or things why can't they donate to make other countries much better because the other countries need it more. Lots of people are sitting in rubble, or going through mile high garbage bags, being Eco-friendly might help them out.

On there is a video of what certain governments do to their people. They have their had destroyed.

 In conclusion poverty is no joke and people must stand together to fight it.

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