Monday, October 18, 2010

The Un-Recipricated Truth

   " The truth hurts, but lies cripple." - Courtney Bunn

  The Giver has a message of truth hidden behind the walls of lies. Jonas and the Giver represent the truth while the dad, mom, and the community represent a lie.

   In beginning of the book, I start to see a pattern of simple issues that very severe repercussions. Then Jonas is presented and the story begins with his regular life, but as the book progresses you see that Jonas' life is everything but regular. So in the book there are four archetypes: hero, mentor, shadow, and shape shifter.
   The Archetypes: Classified

So Jonas of course is the hero because he goes on a quest physically and mentally. While on this quest he discovers more about himself as he matures. Jonas shows courage in the end when he risks his life and runs away from " the community". He also experiences fear because of the searching planes flying overhead, but also he and Gabriel face many challenges along the way. But they both change by the end and well maybe eventually "the community" changes also.
  The Giver is the mentor because he helps Jonas mature, but also assists him with seeing everything, the Giver does portray wisdom but he also experiences pain because of the previous memories that play back in his head. The giver also helps Jonas realize how corrupt the community actually is.

 The Shadow is the community. The reason is because the community has a set of rules and in those rules there are others that violate the original rules. They also let the " parents" lie to their " kids" about everything even if they ask only a small question about what they do they twist the truth around and deny any other accusation.

 And last the "dad" is the shapeshiter, because his dad changes his sides also he lies to his " children" about it. Jonas' dad also misleads him to believe he can trust his family but it turns out there are only a few people you can actually believe. this is proved when Jonas sees his dad kill a baby just because it weighs less than its twin.

  Message behind the book

 In the Giver there are many facets to look through to get a grasp of each theme that may appear to you.
The main message that I really gathered was an aspect of freedom. It mostly is talking of freedom. The author was probably trying to depict the balanced yet unbalanced world that Jonas lived in. She wanted to show people that freedom is a gift to be treasured, because enslavement right now is a very strong concern.

 Also being blind to lies. In the giver people follow rules that they know but don't fully comprehend. These leaders are kind of like tyrants because the control everybody like robots, and they make everyone listen to them. They manipulated the atmosphere so they could have everything just the same everyday.

 There is a question that I would like you to think about: Can the actual perfect world exist or is it truly and irrevicably impossible?

 Being an individual. It really shows how to appreciate your individuality because in this book when you are a young one your age is just there, but when you become a twelve you actually get some individual freedom but it is instantly snatched away from you because then your career is chosen for you and then you begin to walk along a straight line that never curves, gets kinks, but always stays straight.


Writing this appreciation lets me express my feelings about this book also I was allowed to present my poinion of what the message of the book. Labeling the characters in this book helps me to appreciate things everyone in the world might have or not have.

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